Tips to find the Right Ecommerce Development Company

Today the Internet power has become everlasting and evergrowing as millions of people are using internet and smartphones. Currently, plenty of all transactions are implemented online that connects millions of people into a global network. Now, there are plenty of business and companies having their own website making a way to tough competitions. Also there are millions of people are catered in online each one of them might have different perspective. To attract these large people from online to your niche website and survive in tough condition of the marketplace competition, you will definitely need to create catchy and attractive websites that grabs the attention of millions of people.

As always the first impression is the best impression, an impressive website will get more visibility and more visitor attention. It helps the businesses' to make strong basement and determination. However, to create high quality and reliable websites business's need to find the best ecommerce w…

Google Keep excels as Striking Note-taking App

“Google keep” helps us to take Image notes, Voice notes, Text notes in an organized manner and also helps us to execute the task easy and simple.

Here are some features of “Google keep” that makes it a best Note-taking app.
Google keep is fast
Google Keep is compatible on lower versions of Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and also when upgraded to higher versions it works fast and efficient. Adding quick notes in Google Keep is simple and fast. By tapping on the appropriate checklists, text note, video note, image note which are below the quick note field. So, there is absolutely no need of switching between the views to add notes or switching between the views to see a different type of notes. So when someone is sharing the address or phone number or similar important details it's easy to take up notes using Google Keep. 
Google Keep's Voice Notes

Google Keep's voice note is one of the most convenient feature for users in many situation that works well just by tapping the m…

How to get your App featured in the App Store while surviving with iOS11 Updates

At present, there are about 2 Million App being stored in the App Store Today. To get more visibility for an App in the App store among this Million of Apps and get noticed by the editor is heavy. There is no specific way to get your app featured on the App store but you can follow some tactics to it for getting it featured. Apple makes the featured option in the App store because it earns billion dollars through it. For this purpose Apple have redesigned its app store. In the latest version of the App store, menu bar has been featured. Some recent update in the iOS11 App, featured content will be organised by the editor in today, game and apps tab along with the featured stories in the App will be curated by the editor.
Some methods you can follow to get your App featured while surviving iOS 11 update

Before you launch or submit the Mobile app to the app store you must check whether the App works great in all aspects. So, here are some features that you can certainly consider to get th…

A New Mobile Payment Gateway (Google Tez) is on the cards for Smartphone Users

Google has launched Digital Mobile payment App called Google Tez, in India. Goggle Tez serves as a Secured Mobile Payment service. The payment service allows users to transfer money via their bank accounts as well as Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ID, QR code and phone number. Google Tez is a stand-alone application which is available for both Android and iOS.

Google will be holding an event at Delhi to brief its feature 18th sep(today) and it is on the same day morning Google Tez was launched. But the details about the app is already being available to the users.

What Google Tez serves for the users:

Directly pay money from your bank
With Google Tez you can pay directly from your bank account and no need to create a new wallet or separate account. Since you pay directly from your bank your money is safe and that you earn interest. Tez works with all Major Banks including its partners: Axis, HDFC Bank, ICCI and State Bank of India.
Secured Payment with Tez Shield
Tez Shield serves to hel…

Progressive Web Apps - Next Fascinating experience in Mobile Application?

PWA(Progressive Web Apps) may not be a new thing to be heard of, it has been 2 years since the first introduction by Google in 2015. At present, it is gaining much popularity and soon we may see many companies concentrating on developing Progressive web apps. Progressive Web Apps - Servers better than Website or Mobile Application

Booming Mobile Application Technology uses Augment Reality & Virtual Reality

Augment Reality and Virtual Reality

Today the world is completely bounded by Mobiles & other digital gadgets. Mobile phones or smartphones has become an essential requirement for carrying out any complex task in easy & simple manner.  The realm of Mobile Application development relies on the two major features Augment Reality & Virtual Reality.

Are Augment Reality & Virtual Reality same or different?
Both Augment Reality & Virtual Reality appears to be similar but in depth analysis, they both are completely different. Augmented reality is defined as "an enhanced version of the reality created by the use of technology to add digital information on an image of something." Augmented Reality brings a real world experience in front of you.  AR is used for crafting an app used in smartphones and tablets. AR is used in apps to render the real world insights in front of our eyes. For example with AR technology, you can see the shark popping out of your business card…

How to find the best Mobile Application Development Company ?

Well it is quite easier to find the MobileApplication Development Company but choosing the right one or best mobileapplication development company is what you must look on. Read on this article and find the best Mobile Application Development Company.

How you choose the right Mobile Application Company to launch your Mobile App ? Ecphasis Infotech is one of those pioneer MobileApplication Development Company in Chennai . We have worked closely with our clients in getting product requirements and in delivering highly functional Mobile app. We provide user centric product with futuristic approach in the development and designs. We are a team of expertise developers and huge experience brings your vision or ideas into alive. Our developers with creativity and eager in updating to the latest trends in the mobile application technology able to create highly stable & high functionality app that helps your business with valuable customers. Our previous work and experience shows our elegance…